Gary J. Chandler

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We consider long-time simulations of two-dimensional turbulence body forced by sin 4yx̂ on the torus (x, y) ∈ [0, 2π]2 with the purpose of extracting simple invariant sets or ‘exact recurrent flows’ embedded in this turbulence. Each recurrent flow represents a sustained closed cycle of dynamical processes which underpins the turbulence. These are used to(More)
The tetracyanoethylene oxide (TCNEO) functionalization of chemical vapor deposition grown large area graphene and graphite was performed using reaction of TCNEO with carbon surface in chlorobenzene. The successful functionalization has been confirmed by Raman and Auger spectroscopy, and by numerical modeling of the structure and vibrational modes of(More)
This paper describes a derivation of the adjoint low Mach number equations and their implementation and validation within a global mode solver. The advantage of using the low Mach number equations and their adjoints is that they are appropriate for flows with variable density, such as flames, but do not require resolution of acoustic waves. Two versions of(More)
Simultaneous chemical vapor deposition (CVD) of graphene and "in-situ" phosphorous or boron doping of graphene was accomplished using Triphenylphosphine (TPP) and 4-Methoxyphenylboronic acid (4-MPBA). The TPP and 4-MPBA molecules were sublimated and supplied along with CH4 molecules during graphene growth at atmospheric pressure. The grown graphene samples(More)
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