Gary J Brauner

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Laser surgery can be effectively used in children with either local or general anesthesia. The laser must be used only in selected instances where other therapies have not been fruitful, such as congenital port-wine stains or recalcitrant warts. Significant scarring is a potential sequela of the second degree burns produced by argon or carbon dioxide laser(More)
Dermatopathia pigmentosa reticularis is a rare heritable disorder consisting of a triad of cutaneous findings including reticulate hyperpigmentation, noncicatricial alopecia, and onychodystrophy. In addition to this triad, other variable features of dermatopathia pigmentosa reticularis have been described, including adermatoglyphia, hypohidrosis or(More)
Providing dermatologic care in a prison setting is a challenge to the practitioner's ingenuity and patience because of cumbersome methods of transporting prisoners, poor compliance with prescribed regimens, and follow-up care that is not only inadequate but almost nonexistent. Certain prevalent infections such as tinea pedis and condyloma acuminatum(More)
11.7% of all cases with inability to work, 11.3% of all days with inability to work, and 13.6% of all dismissals from hospital of working people concern diseases of the digestive system. Gastroenterological diseases occupy an anterior place in inability to work. The inability to work is essentially determined by 7 diagnoses--gastritis and duodenitis,(More)