Gary Huber

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The minimum motor domain of kinesin-1 is a single head. Recent evidence suggests that such minimal motor domains generate force by a biased binding mechanism, in which they preferentially select binding sites on the microtubule that lie ahead in the progress direction of the motor. A specific molecular mechanism for biased binding has, however, so far been(More)
  • Patricia Bauler, Gary Huber, Thomas Leyh, J. Andrew McCammon
  • 2010
Nature often colocalizes successive steps in a metabolic pathway. Such organization is predicted to increase the effective concentration of pathway intermediates near their recipient active sites and to enhance catalytic efficiency. Here, the pathway of a two-step reaction is modeled using a simple spherical approximation for the enzymes and substrate(More)
Troponin C (TnC) is an important regulatory molecule in cardiomyocytes. Calcium binding to site II in TnC initiates a series of molecular events that result in muscle contraction. The most direct change upon Ca(2+) binding is an opening motion of the molecule that exposes a hydrophobic patch on the surface allowing for Troponin I to bind. Molecular dynamics(More)
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