Gary Heydinger

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A Hardware in the Loop (HiL) system was developed to investigate heavy truck instability due to loss of control and rollover situations with and without ESC/RSC systems for a wide range of maneuvers and speeds. The purpose of this HiL model is to examine the safety benefits of the emerging electronic stability systems (ESC/RSC) in heavy trucks that are(More)
In crashes between heavy trucks and light vehicles, most of the fatalities are the occupants of the light vehicle. A reduction in heavy truck stopping distance should lead to a reduction in the number of crashes, the severity of crashes, and consequently the numbers of fatalities and injuries. This study makes use of the National Advanced Driving Simulator(More)
1. Introduction Fifteen-passenger vans 1 are in widespread use for the transportation of college sports teams, van pools, church outings, and other similar groups. There have been a number of widely-publicized single vehicle crashes that have involved fifteen-passenger vans transporting college sports teams in the last year. All but one of these crashes(More)
Truck manufacturers are introducing Roll Stability Control (RSC) and Electronic Stability Control (ESC) systems on heavy trucks including tractor-trailer type vehicles. These systems are designed to assist a driver to avoid rollovers, and in the case of ESC, yaw instability in tractor-trailers. This paper reports on the implementation of stability control(More)
The NADS models and cab for a class 8 tractor/trailer have recently been reviewed, enhanced, and implemented for a NHTSA study. A panel from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) reviewed the status of the NADS simulation capabilities and made several recommendations for improving its fidelity and realism. This paper is devoted to(More)
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