Gary Heathcote

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Recent studies have suggested that the timing of surgery in relation to the menstrual cycle might influence survival of premenopausal women with operable breast cancer. The data of 96 premenopausal patients who underwent primary surgery for operable breast carcinoma between 1975 and 1988 were analysed. At 10 years, disease-free and overall survival rates of(More)
Analysis of oestrogen and progesterone receptor (ER, PR) status was interpreted in relation to menstrual phase at the time of surgery and survival in 84 women diagnosed with breast cancer between 1975 and 1988. We showed previously (Br J Surgery 1994, 81, 217-220) that long-term survival was significantly poorer when surgery was performed during the(More)
PURPOSE The authors performed a series of experiments designed to determine if early effects of YAG laser cycloablation could be detected by ultrasound biomicroscopy in postmortem eyes and living patients. They also designed an apparatus that allowed simultaneous ultrasound biomicroscopic imaging of YAG laser cycloablation. METHODS Treated and untreated(More)
The safety and tolerability of primaquine (PQ) administered as a short higher-dose (30mg twice daily for 7 days) regimen in 203 Australian Defence Force personnel was evaluated in an open-label presumptive anti-relapse therapy study. No clinically significant differences were measured in the subjects' haematological and biochemical indices before and after(More)
BACKGROUND At lambing time some farmers experience blistering and crusting of the pinnae. This occupational disease, termed 'lambing ears', does not feature in the medical literature. OBJECTIVES To define the condition and explore its pathogenesis. METHODS We obtained five biopsies from affected individuals and sent questionnaires to 69 farmers in the(More)
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