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This paper focuses on a serious-game framework for a dialogue-driven game called GLIMPSE (A Game to Learn Important Communications Methods for Patient Safety Enhancement). The eight essential components of the framework include: recommended communication behavior; accurate translation; narrative-driven, role-playing episodes that allow practice in different(More)
Flow microcalorimetry was used to estimate primary binding constants for drug-albumin interactions. Measurements of heat of reaction at two temperatures illustrated the danger of extrapolation for pharmacokinetic purposes of measurements made at temperatures other than 37 degrees. The method could be used to predict competition between two drugs for a(More)
INTRODUCTION Virtual environments offer a variety of benefits and may be a powerful medium with which to provide nursing education. The objective of this study was to compare the achievement of learning outcomes of undergraduate nursing students when a virtual patient trainer or a traditional lecture was used to teach pediatric respiratory content. (More)
The University of Texas Transformation in Medical Education Portal (UT TIME Portal) is a game-based learning platform for select pre-med students. The UT TIME Portal offers unique opportunities for assessment of player performance through rich quantitative and qualitative user data, asynchronous access to content and individualized feedback, and(More)
Professionalism and communication skills are important aspects of medical training, and virtual patient applications can offer cost effective, easily accessible platforms for communication practice which complement flexible, student-driven medical school curriculum design. Further, numerous virtual and augmented reality platforms have been introduced(More)
Understanding how to observe and analyze nonverbal communication of virtual humans in synthetic environments can assist warfighters with determining source credibility, deception detection, behavior observation, process training and other training objectives. The First Person Cultural Trainer (FPCT) is a high-fidelity, game-based simulation that trains(More)
Incorporating constructive models into a 3D game is an effective, realistic and nonlinear way to prepare warfighters for operational environment complexities. In its third development spiral, The Hybrid Irregular Warfare Networkdefeat Toolkit federation, or HINT, sponsored by TRADOC G2 Intelligence Support Activity, combines an immersive 3D game-based(More)
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