Gary Gruenhage

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We introduce notions of nearly good relations and N-sticky modulo a relation as tools for proving that spaces are D-spaces. As a corollary to general results about such relations, we show that Cp(X)(More)
We obtain several results and examples concerning the general question “When must a space with a small diagonal have a Gδ-diagonal?”. In particular, we show (1) every compact metrizably fibered space(More)
We answer a question of Alas, Tkacenko, Tkachuk, and Wilson by constructing a metrizable space with no compact open subsets which cannot be densely embedded in a connected metrizable (or even(More)
A space X is a D-space if whenever one is given a neighborhood N(x) of x for each x ∈ X, then there is a closed discrete subset D of X such that {N(x) : x ∈ D} covers X. It is a decades-old open(More)