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Scoring systems currently used to evaluate functional disabilities in upper extremity conditions frequently combine so-called "objective" parameters such as grip strength and range of motion with "subjective" parameters such as pain. Since its introduction, the Disabilities of Arm, Shoulder and Hand Questionnaire has proven useful in the pre- and(More)
Chronic exercise-induced compartment syndrome of the first dorsal interosseous muscle of the hand is a rare condition. The presented complaint is a dull muscle pain which can be increased by hyperextension of the index metacarpo-phalangeal joint and by repetitive key grip. Two patients complaining of these symptoms could successfully be treated by simple(More)
A procedure is described that uses two spectroscopic techniques, absorption and infrared degenerate four-wave mixing, in tandem (multiplex) to measure the transition dipole moments and absolute concentrations of molecular species in situ. The method is demonstrated by the measurement of the relative transition moments and concentrations of two dissimilar(More)
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