Gary G. Christoph

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An effective method for detecting computer misuse is the automatic auditing and analysis of on-line user activity. This activity is reflected in the system audit record, by changes in the vulnerability posture of the system configuration, and in other evidence found through active testing of the system. In 1989 we started developing an automatic misuse(More)
The optical isomers and deoxy form of 2-(3,4, alpha-trihydroxybenzyl)imidazoline hydrochloride were examined for their alpha-adrenergic activity on rat aorta. The rank order of stimulant activity was deoxy (2) congruent to (R)-(-)-1 greater than (S)-(+)-1. This is in contrast to catecholamines in which the order of activity is (R)-(-)-epinephrine greater(More)
A family of totally synthetic models for the carbon monoxide adducts of heme proteins has been synthesized and applied to the elucidation of the role of steric effects in the relative detoxification of carbon monoxide. The complexes are designed such that a sheltered void of controllable dimensions encompasses the CO binding site. Systematic variations in(More)
The successful synthesis of a pentagonal dodecahedrane molecule has been achieved. Obtained by a sequence of 20 stereochemically controlled steps beginning with the readily available cyclopentadienide anion, the 1,16-dimethyl derivative has D(3d) symmetry and unusual physical properties. The x-ray crystal structure shows that the alkyl groups cause only(More)
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