Gary F. Anderson

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In this paper we reformulate the theory of cost and production to take account of uncertain demand facing a firm. In the reformulated theory the duality between cost and production no longer obtains, and demand distribution parameters enter the cost function as well as the traditional outputs and input prices. We then estimate a short run cost function for(More)
The problem of optimally managing the collections process by taxation authorities is one of prime importance, not only for the revenue it brings but also as a means to administer a fair taxing system. The analogous problem of debt collections management in the private sector, such as banks and credit card companies, is also increasingly gaining attention.(More)
Early detection of employees’ improper access to sensitive or valuable data is critical to limiting negative financial impacts to an organization, including regulatory penalties for misuse of customer data that results from these insider attacks. Implementing a system for detecting insider attacks is a technical challenge that also involves business-process(More)
The New York State Department of Taxation and Finance (NYS DTF) collects over $1 billion annually in assessed delinquent taxes. The mission of DTF’s Collections and Civil Enforcement Division (CCED) is to increase collections, but to do so in a manner that respects the rights of citizens, by taking actions commensurate with each debtor’s situation. CCED(More)
There are no absolutes regarding circumcision, and the decision to circumcise a child as a newborn or otherwise must be made after carefully weighing the alternatives to, and risks and benefits of, this common surgical procedure. These alternatives, risks, and benefits must be fully explained to parents considering circumcision, and informed consent must be(More)
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