Gary E. Whitehouse

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This paper investigates the development of an effective heuristic to solve the set covering problem (SCP) by applying the meta-heuristic Meta-RaPS (Meta-heuristic for Randomized Priority Search). In Meta-RaPS, a feasible solution is generated by introducing random factors into a construction method. Then the feasible solutions can be improved by an(More)
This paper introduces an interesting meta-heuristic called Meta-RaPS (Meta-heuristic for Randomized Priority Search) for solving combinatorial problems . Meta-RaPS incorporates randomness within priority rules to construct a feasible solution at each iteration. In addition, Meta-RaPS includes improvement heuristics for enhancing the feasible solution(More)
Advances in simulation methodology, and the computer support systems to implement these methodologies, have led to the development of integrated simulation support environments (such as TESS). These environments, or collection of software tools, seek to aid the analyst in developing models, data management and analysis, and data presentation. While an(More)
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