Gary Dispoto

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Digital transformation of commercial print production brings new opportunities including exploitation of embedded sensing and computing power that enable real-time communication during various phases of the production chain, and dynamic reconfiguration of production flow. Simulation based modeling can help to exploit these opportunities at both strategic(More)
Before ICC profiles, a device-independent page description document would encode all color in a device independent CIE space like CIELAB. When the document was to be printed, the press person would measure a target and create a color transformation from the CIE coordinates to device coordinates. For office and consumer color printers, the color(More)
An enterprise service-level performance time series is a sequence of data points that quantify demand, throughput, average order-delivery time, quality of service, or end-to-end cost. Analytical and predictive models of such time series can be embedded into an enterprise information system (EIS) in order to provide meaningful insights into potential(More)
On-demand digital print service is an example of a real-time embedded enterprise system. It offers mass customization and exemplifies personalized manufacturing services. Once a print order is submitted to the print factory by a client, the print service provider (PSP) needs to make a real-time decision on whether to accept or refuse this order. Based on(More)
— On-demand digital-print service offers mass cus-tomization and exemplifies personalized manufacturing services. We describe a real-time and online optimization technique based on genetic algorithms (GA) for print factory workflow optimization. We have simulated digital-print factory manufacturing activities as a heterogeneous, concurrent and integrated(More)