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Digital transformation of commercial print production brings new opportunities including exploitation of embedded sensing and computing power that enable real-time communication during various phases of the production chain, and dynamic reconfiguration of production flow. Simulation based modeling can help to exploit these opportunities at both strategic(More)
Before ICC profiles, a device-independent page description document would encode all color in a device independent CIE space like CIELAB. When the document was to be printed, the press person would measure a target and create a color transformation from the CIE coordinates to device coordinates. For office and consumer color printers, the color(More)
On-demand digital printing is an example of emerging personalized manufacturing services. It provides unique opportunities to automate the printing process, enhance productivity, and better utilize resources such as equipment, servers and IT infrastructure. In this work, we present a unified solution approach to solve an important optimization problem in(More)
We present a high-performance and real-time production scheduling algorithm for digital print production based on a dynamic incremental evolutionary algorithm. The optimization objective is to prioritize the dispatching sequence of orders and balance resource utilization. The scheduler is scalable for realistic problem instances and it provides solutions(More)
Service level forecasting and capacity planning is uniquely challenging in commercial and industrial print service providers (PSPs) due to: 1) Large variations in supply and demand. Diverse service requests arrive stochastically; production processes heavily rely on manual work, are fault-prone and weakly structured. 2) Little or no factory audit data. Most(More)
An enterprise service-level performance time series is a sequence of data points that quantify demand, throughput, average order-delivery time, quality of service, or end-to-end cost. Analytical and predictive models of such time series can be embedded into an enterprise information system (EIS) in order to provide meaningful insights into potential(More)
On-demand digital print service is an example of a real-time embedded enterprise system. It offers mass customization and exemplifies personalized manufacturing services. Once a print order is submitted to the print factory by a client, the print service provider (PSP) needs to make a real-time decision on whether to accept or refuse this order. Based on(More)
Today, the way books, magazines and newspapers are published is undergoing a democratic revolution. Digital Presses have enabled the on-demand model, which provides individuals with the opportunity to produce and publish their own books with very low upfront cost. With these new markets, opportunities, and challenges have arisen. In a traditional(More)