Gary Dispoto

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Before ICC profiles, a device-independent page description document would encode all color in a device independent CIE space like CIELAB. When the document was to be printed, the press person would measure a target and create a color transformation from the CIE coordinates to device coordinates. For office and consumer color printers, the color(More)
An enterprise service-level performance time series is a sequence of data points that quantify demand, throughput, average order-delivery time, quality of service, or end-to-end cost. Analytical and predictive models of such time series can be embedded into an enterprise information system (EIS) in order to provide meaningful insights into potential(More)
On-demand digital print service is an example of a real-time embedded enterprise system. It offers mass customization and exemplifies personalized manufacturing services. Once a print order is submitted to the print factory by a client, the print service provider (PSP) needs to make a real-time decision on whether to accept or refuse this order. Based on(More)
The use of digital print provides unique opportunities to automate the printing process, revamp production steps, better utilize resources, and enhance productivity. This paper highlights the key role that electronic design automation (EDA) can play in the maturation of the digital print automation field. It first describes basic concepts in digital(More)
Data Matrix is a 2D barcode with high information density and wide applicability. When printed in documents or used for labeling products, the barcode may be subject to deformations. This paper looks at the recognition of Data Matrix barcodes is under scaling, rotation and cylindrical warping. The results suggest that the readability of Data Matrix barcodes(More)