Gary DiGiovanni

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This study evaluated the potential for gene transfer of a large catabolic plasmid from an introduced organism to indigenous soil recipients. The donor organism Alcaligenes eutrophus JMP134 contained the 80-kb plasmid pJP4, which contains genes that code for mercury resistance. Genes on this plasmid plus chromosomal genes also allow degradation of(More)
Osteoporosis-related hip fractures are associated with high mortality and costs. The optimum type of treatment for such fractures is controversial. To shed some light on this issue, the surgical treatment and management of osteoporotic hip fractures were discussed during a hip fracture surgical working group at the 2009 International Society For Fracture(More)
To assess the drug-behavior interaction effects with an 8-year-old boy wih attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, common classroom antecedent (e.g., seating arrangement) and consequent (e.g., peer prompts) stimuli were alternated within a school day while drug conditions (methylphenidate vs. placebo) were alternated across days. The results suggested(More)
R. Abbate G. Abbruzzese L. Ackland M. Adachi J.E. Adler L. Adobbati F. Agosta U. Aguglia F. Ahmed A. Albanese F. Albani A. Alberici C. Alfaro A.M. Aloisi M.P. Amato M. Amboni M. Andrabi T. Annanmaki G. Annesi P. Annunziata L. Annunziato A. Antonini C. Antozzi G. Arabia N. Araki T. Arendt R. Arnon M. Atzori M. Auer-Grumbach G. Avanzini C. Babiloni F. Bagnoli(More)
Using radioimmunoassay methods, the blood of patients with pancreatic tumors was screened for circulating polypeptide hormones. This screening discovered pancreatic polypeptide in abnormally high concentration in the serum of six of seven patients with adenocarcinomas of the bile duct. The assay appears to be very sensitive finding excessive residual(More)
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