Gary Dale

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provides an international forum for discussion of a broad range of issues pertaining to death investigation. This year we have much to discuss and a wonderful host city to enjoy. Charlotte is a city where cosmopolitan character meets southern comforts. Our meeting will feature presentations and posters that cover a broad range of topics. There will be(More)
Acetylcholinesterase activity was measured in rectal-biopsy specimens obtained from nineteen children. Seven children in whom the diagnosis of Hirschsprung's disease was established were found to have a significantly higher enzyme activity than the twelve in whom this diagnosis was excluded. The estimation may prove to be of value in the diagnosis of(More)
Ten patients with biotinidase deficiency were studied. Clinical findings at presentation varied with dermatological signs (dermatitis and alopecia), neurological abnormalities (fits, hypotonia, and ataxia), and recurrent infections being the most common features, although none of these occurred in every case. Biochemically the disease is characterised by(More)
Southwest Mexico City (SWMC) air pollution is characterized by high concentrations of ozone and particulate matter < 10 μm (PM(10)) containing lipopolysaccharides while in the North PM(2.5) is high. These intra-city differences are likely accounting for higher CD14 and IL-1β in SWMC v NMC mice myocardial expression. This pilot study was designed to(More)
Lysinuric protein intolerance (LPI) is an inborn error of metabolism which usually presents in infancy with failure to thrive and vomiting. Two patients are described who presented in adult life with hyperammonaemic coma due to LPI. Both had been underweight and had had intermittent gastrointestinal symptoms during childhood. They were of normal intellect(More)
A fatal case of strychnine poisoning is presented. The patient vomited then suffered a series of tonic convulsions which were triggered by tactile stimulation. In between paroxysms he was initially alert. Eventually the patient became comatosed due to anoxia and had a cardiac arrest. He presented with a marked metabolic acidosis and rapidly developed renal(More)