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Structure and History in Greek Mythology and Ritual
"Tantalizingly rich ...this is a splendid book." (Greece and Rome). "Burken relegates his learned documentation to the notes and writes in a lively and fluent style. The book is recommended as aExpand
"Adventuring" Arts Entrepreneurship Curricula in Higher Education: An Examination of Present Efforts, Obstacles, and Best Practices
As arts entrepreneurship programs emerge in higher education, many remain idiosyncratic because of a lack of oversight by accreditation organizations. This diversity has spawned a number ofExpand
Hittite Diplomatic Texts
The CJS program for 1997-98 will be devoted to integrating disciplines and methodologies in the study of Ancient Israelite Religion. The program will attempt to bring together a diverse community ofExpand
International Relations in the Ancient near East, 1600-1100 BC
Preface List of Maps Abbreviations Introduction PART I: TERRITORY AND BORDERS Inner vs. Outer Territory Universal Control The Boundaries of the World Symbolic Attainment of the World Border TheExpand
Mesopotamians and Mesopotamian Learning at Ḫattuša
L'usage du cuneiforme chez les Hittites. Etude diachronique. L'apprentissage du cuneiforme. Les intermediaires. L'emploi de l'akkadien et du hittite. Les tablettes de Bogazkoy et leur datationExpand
Intellectual Entrepreneurship: An Authentic Foundation for Higher Education Reform: Our Relationship with the Traditions and Purpose of a Humanistic Education, It Appears, Are at Odds with the Career
Introduction The growing interest in transforming the academy to meet the realities of a modern world while simultaneously preserving its traditions is both palpable and tangible. As the call toExpand
The City and the Country in Hatti
What Arts Entrepreneurship Isn’t
he field of Arts Entrepreneurship is gaining strength measured both in program emergence and student demand. Some programs are serving hundreds of students each academic year and the variety ofExpand