Gary D. Sower

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transient electromagnetic fields and related quantities broadband sensors with simple transfer functions. This paper summarizes the various sensor designs developed to achieve this in an optimal manner. Such sensors are designed for use either in a “free space” environment (such as in an EMP simulator or on a system under test in such a simulator) or in a(More)
We introduce a combination of high-dimensional analysis of variance (HANOVA) and sequential probability ratio test (SPRT) to detect buried objects from an array ground penetrating radar (GPR) surveying a region of interest in a progressive manner. Using HANOVA, we exploit the transient characteristic of GPR signals in the time domain to extract information(More)
The Asymptotic Conical Dipole (ACD) D-dot sensors have been developed using the technique of an equivalent charge distribution. In this note we describe a more complicated equivalent charge distribution than has been hitherto used. This distribution results in a new ACD shape which is better than the old shape in that it is more asymptotic to the matched(More)
A candidate design for radiating single-ended, high-voltage, fast transient signals is to use a Half Impulse Radiating Antema. This design avoids the mismatch that sometimes occurs in designs that require a balun or geometry conversion. We consider here the design principles involved in this antenna, including the F/D ratio, and whether or not to offset the(More)
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