Gary D Markowitz

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PURPOSE To document the longitudinal changes in eye status of children diagnosed with Stickler's syndrome in the first decade of life. METHOD All patients with cleft palate were referred for eye examination. Of these, patients with systemic findings of Stickler's syndrome were included in this report. RESULTS Thirty-four eyes in 17 patients met(More)
Tissue adhesive are commonly used in ophthalmology to seal small corneal perforations. We report a case of inadvertent instillation of cyanoacrylate adhesive (Histoacryl) in the anterior chamber resulting in polymerization of the glue on the corneal endothelial surface, with iridocorneal and iridolenticular adhesion.
Ocular complications have previously been reported after nasolacrimal system intubation for patients with symptomatic lacrimal drainage system abnormalities. Corneal complications, including keratitis and ulceration, have been described after monocanalicular intubation, and placement in the superior punctum has been recommended to lessen the chance of(More)
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