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The hippocampus has been suggested to be involved in spatial (or configural) memory and also in the inhibition of certain response or goal alternatives. An increasing number of anatomical, physiological, and behavioral studies indicate that the hippocampus is functionally heterogeneous along the dorsal-ventral axis. Identification of distinct behavioral(More)
The effects of amygdala lesions on passive avoidance of drinking (dPA) and social interactions in a resident-intruder test were examined in two experiments that utilized different lines of Long-Evans hooded rats. The lesions were fairly well restricted to the rostral half of the central nucleus (rACe), or the cholinergically richly innervated basolateral(More)
Cathodal electrolytic lesions of the medial forebrain bundle (MFB) at posterior hypothalamic levels in male hooded rats produced a mild, transient hypodipsia and lowered jump thresholds to footshock. The lesions produced marked deficits in passive avoidance performance in a paradigm that paired discrete, linearly incrementing footshock intensities with(More)
The results of three experiments indicated that male hooded rats exhibit marked corticosterone elevations when they freely consume .740 mol/l (23.2% w/w) sucrose in tap water while nondeprived or .298 mol/l (9.8% w/w) sucrose when deprived of water for 36 hr. The magnitude of the corticosterone elevation was increased by lengthening the duration of prior(More)