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This paper presents a generic precision optimisation methodology for quadrature computation targeting reconfigurable hardware to maximise performance at a given error tolerance level. The proposed methodology optimises performance by considering integration grid density versus mantissa size of floating-point operators. The optimisation provides the number(More)
—Proximity Query (PQ) is a process to calculate the relative placement of objects. It is a critical task for many applications such as robot motion planning, but it is often too computationally demanding for real-time applications, particularly those involving human-robot collaborative control. This paper derives a PQ formulation which can support(More)
—This paper introduces a novel mixed precision methodology for mathematical optimisation. It involves the use of reduced precision FPGA optimisers for searching potential regions containing the global optimum, and double precision optimisers on a general purpose processor (GPP) for verifying the results. An empirical method is proposed to determine(More)
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