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Modern American political campaigns are typically conceptualized as “candidatecentered” and treated as conditionally independent in quantitative analyses. In reality, however, these campaigns are linked by professional consulting firms, who are important agents of campaign strategy diffusion within the extended party networks of the contemporary era. To(More)
Every student of city politics knows the class theory of city government—that middle-class voters supported municipal reform and working-class voters supported machine politics. Although historical narratives support this theory, systematic evidence has been elusive. Historians and political scientists alike have recognized very strong regional differences(More)
Do politicians tend to follow a strategy of ambiguity in their policy positions or a strategy of reputational development to reduce uncertainty about where they stand? Ambiguity could allow a legislator to avoid alienating constituents and to play rival interests off against each other to maximize campaign contributions. Alternatively, reputational clarity(More)
This paper contains additional details about the model in our paper “A Political Economy Model of Congressional Careers” (Diermeier, Keane and Merlo (2004)), as well as the computational methods we use to solve and estimate the model, and the construction of the data set. ADDRESS FOR CORRESPONDENCE: Antonio Merlo, Department of Economics, University of(More)
Since 1978, the vote reported for House incumbents in the American National Election Studies (NES) has been significantly higher than the actual incumbents' vote in the districts surveyed; in NES surveys before 1978, the reported vote was much closer to the actual vote. The prime suspect for the source of this bias is the new question format introduced in(More)
JOHN ALDRICH Duke University R. MICHAEL ALVAREZ California Institute of Technology CHARLES BARRILLEAUX Florida State University JOHN BIBBY University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee PAUL BRACE Rice University JAMES CAMPBELL SUNY, Buffalo JAMES CARLSON Providence College KATHLEEN DOLAN University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee LEE EPSTEIN Washington University MORRIS(More)