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OBJECTIVES To examine the types and influences of health behavior goals self-selected by post hospitalized cardiac patients. METHODS Subjects participated in a trial assessing the effectiveness of a health behavior change program. RESULTS Nearly 95% of smokers and 89.7% of patients with elevated weights selected a smoking and/or dietary modification(More)
Little research has been published concerning the differences between health oriented and ethically oriented vegetarians. The present study compared differences in conviction, nutrition knowledge, dietary restriction, and duration of adherence to vegetarianism between the two groups. Subjects completed an online survey and were grouped by original reason(More)
OBJECTIVE to examine the effects of the Informatics for Diabetes Education and Telemedicine (IDEATel) telemedicine intervention and pedometer use on physical activity (PA) and impairment in older adults with diabetes. DESIGN randomised clinical trial. Subjects ethnically diverse medically underserved Medicare beneficiaries with diabetes (n= 1,650). (More)
This study investigated energy expenditure and obstacle course negotiation between the C-leg and various non-microprocessor control (NMC) prosthetic knees and compared a quality of life survey (SF-36v2) of use of the C-leg to national norms. Thirteen subjects with unilateral limb loss (12 with trans-femoral and one with a knee disarticulation amputation)(More)
<italic>Determining the effectiveness of parallelization requires performance data about elapsed process time and total CPU time. Furthermore, it is desirable not to have to run a parallel application in a stand-alone environment in order to obtain the profile. This paper describes the CONVEX performance analyzer,</italic> CXpa, <italic>with the capability(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE The importance of physical performance measures and their influence on predicting future disability has been suggested; however, the association between resilience and physical performance measures in older women needs further study. The purpose of this research study was to investigate the resilience level in a convenience sample of(More)
OBJECTIVE To demonstrate sensitivity to change of the Stroke Rehabilitation Assessment of Movement (STREAM) as well as the concurrent and predictive validity of the STREAM in an acute rehabilitation setting. DESIGN Prospective cohort study. SETTING Acute, in-patient rehabilitation department within a tertiary-care teaching hospital in the United States.(More)