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OBJECTIVE to examine the effects of the Informatics for Diabetes Education and Telemedicine (IDEATel) telemedicine intervention and pedometer use on physical activity (PA) and impairment in older adults with diabetes. DESIGN randomised clinical trial. Subjects ethnically diverse medically underserved Medicare beneficiaries with diabetes (n= 1,650). (More)
<italic>Determining the effectiveness of parallelization requires performance data about elapsed process time and total CPU time. Furthermore, it is desirable not to have to run a parallel application in a stand-alone environment in order to obtain the profile. This paper describes the CONVEX performance analyzer,</italic> CXpa, <italic>with the capability(More)
Datasets with hundreds to tens of thousands features is the new norm. Feature selection constitutes a central problem in machine learning, where the aim is to derive a representative set of features from which to construct a classification (or prediction) model for a specific task. Our experimental study involves microarray gene expression datasets; these(More)
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