Gary Bradshaw

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The process of traversing an unfamiliar code base to fulfill software maintenance tasks is referred to as code navigation. Studies show that even experienced developers have difficulty navigating around programs of very moderate size. The problem associated with code navigation is presumably worse when less experienced developers try to maintain unfamiliar(More)
—Studying human analyst's behavior in automated tracing is a new research thrust. Building on a growing body of work in this area, we offer a novel approach to understanding requirements analyst's information seeking and gathering. We model analysts as predators in pursuit of prey — the relevant traceability information, and leverage the optimality models(More)
Contemporary software engineering tools exploit semantic relations between individual code terms to aid in code analysis and retrieval tasks. Such tools employ word similarity methods, often used in natural language processing (<scp>nlp</scp>), to analyze the textual content of source code. However, the notion of similarity in source code is different from(More)
Discovering root-causes of comprehension errors in software design is important to prevent their presence in software systems. This research synthesizes software engineering and Gestalt principles of similarity, proximity, and continuity for the purpose of discovering whether certain visual attributes of diagrams (dashed arrows, severe complexity, etc.) can(More)
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