Gary Bradshaw

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Through the analysis of case studies of chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes troglodytes) in residence at a sanctuary, who previously sustained prolonged captivity and biomedical experimentation, we illustrate how human psychological models of diagnosis and treatment might be approached in great apes. This study reflects growing attention to ethical, scientific,(More)
Longitudinal studies have shown how early developmental contexts contribute significantly to self-development; their influence extends through adulthood, informs sociality, and affects resilience under severe stress. While the importance of sociality in trauma recovery is recognized, the relationship between developmental and posttrauma contexts and(More)
Studying human analyst's behavior in automated tracing is a new research thrust. Building on a growing body of work in this area, we offer a novel approach to understanding requirements analyst's information seeking and gathering. We model analysts as predators in pursuit of prey - the relevant traceability information, and leverage the optimality models to(More)
Several significant advances in understanding brain-behavior development have made a critical contribution to clinical assessment of companion birds. First, psychobiological health and its dysfunctions now are understood as the product of nature and nurture and therefore exquisitely sensitive to stressors effected by altered socio-ecological conditions(More)
A major software engineering challenge is to understand the fundamental mechanisms that underlie the developer's code navigation behavior. We propose a novel and unified theory based on the premise that we can study developer's information seeking strategies in light of the foraging principles that evolved to help our animal ancestors to find food. Our(More)
Contemporary software engineering tools exploit semantic relations between individual code terms to aid in code analysis and retrieval tasks. Such tools employ word similarity methods, often used in natural language processing (<scp>nlp</scp>), to analyze the textual content of source code. However, the notion of similarity in source code is different from(More)