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This paper reports the results of a study on the effects of practice, a form of on the job training, on the pre-implementation attitudes and on post-implementation use of an information technology. The successful use of information technologies by end users is dependent on many variables including training of end users. Providing support to workers by(More)
  • John R. Deckop, Kimberly K. Merriman, Gary Blau, Frank Barton
  • 2004
Pay for performance is an organizational control mechanism intended to align the interests of employer and employee. We investigated whether employee risk preference interferes with the effects of this 'control by pay' on attitudinal and behavioural outcomes. We found that the degree of consistency between risk preference and control by pay affected(More)
Using a primary sample of medical technologists (MTs) and a second validation sample, the results of this study showed initial support for a three-factor measure of cyberloafing. The three scales were labeled browsing-related, non-work-related e-mail, and interactive cyberloafing. MTs who perceived unfair treatment in their organization (i.e., lower(More)
OBJECTIVE Few studies of psychotropic medication use among children and adolescents address the effectiveness of this medication, as it is typically used in naturalistic treatment settings. The objective of this study was to investigate psychotropic medication use among children and adolescents treated in system of care communities, to identify subject(More)
The objective of this research program is to optimize drug dose regimen for an individual, using minimally invasive clinical testing, in order to reduce both the total cost of treatment and the risk for over or under-medication using a Bayesian model-ing approach. The challenge is to extract the PharmacoKinetic/PharmacoDynamic(PK/PD) parameters for an(More)
Describes interactions of for-profit managed-care organizations (MCOs) with not-for-profit school mental health programs that are affiliated with school-based health centers (SB-HCs). Discussion focuses on the developments and challenges that emerged between SBHCs and MCOs. While relations between MCOs and more traditional forms of mental health services(More)
This study explored the relationships of demographic, work perception, work attitude, and limited occupation alternative variables to three distinct types of occupation perceptions: forced to stay in occupation (FTSO), voluntary occupation withdrawal intent (VOWI), and involuntary occupation withdrawal (IOW). An online sample of massage therapists and(More)
Policymakers, advocates, and families remain concerned about the use of seclusion and restraint in residential treatment facilities for children and youth. This study used data from 2 national surveys to examine the extent to which residential treatment facilities consistently implement certain practices following incidents of seclusion or restraint. The(More)
OBJECTIVE The primary purpose of this article is to investigate demographic and work-related correlates of three burnout dimensions, that is, emotional exhaustion, depersonalization, and diminished personal accomplishment, using a national sample of psychiatric rehabilitation practitioners (PRPs). METHOD An online survey was filled out by 1,639 PRPs who(More)