Gary Blau

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Using a primary sample of medical technologists (MTs) and a second validation sample, the results of this study showed initial support for a three-factor measure of cyberloafing. The three scales were labeled browsing-related, non-work-related e-mail, and interactive cyberloafing. MTs who perceived unfair treatment in their organization (i.e., lower(More)
This paper reports the results of a study on the effects of practice, a form of on the job training, on the pre-implementation attitudes and on post-implementation use of an information technology. The successful use of information technologies by end users is dependent on many variables including training of end users. Providing support to workers by(More)
BACKGROUND Injury-forced work reduction (IFWR) has been acknowledged as an all-too-common occurrence for massage therapists and bodywork practitioners (M & Bs). However, little prior research has specifically investigated demographic, work attitude, and perceptual correlates of IFWR among M & Bs. PURPOSE To test two hypotheses, H1 and H2. H1 is that the(More)
Using a sample of 201 medical technologists (MTs) over a five-year period, this study extends initial findings on perceived gender discrimination (PGD) by Blau and Tatum (2000) by applying organizational justice variables and internal-external locus of control as hypothesized correlates of PGD. Three types of organizational justice were measured:(More)
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