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The aim of this study was to determine the usefulness of Glasgow Benefit Inventory (GBI) to assess the patient's perception of benefit derived from nasal septal surgery for nasal obstruction. Seventy-five patients undergoing septal surgery +/- inferior turbinate reduction for nasal obstruction were included in the study. A cross-sectional questionnaire(More)
In normal and lymphostatic encephalopathic rats, aprotinin pretreatment alters the duration of the harmine tremor and the cerebral concentration of the alkaloid; low doses shorten the tremor and decrease the concentration, a high dose causes the opposite. Aprotinin may decrease or increase the blood-brain barrier permeability of harmine. Because the(More)
This study examined the features of 16 complications from 51 distraction lengthenings in the hands of 43 patients. From 1996 to 2006, 24 metacarpals and 27 phalanges were lengthened at a rate of 0.5 and 0.25 mm/day, respectively, using a callus distraction technique. The indications were congenital (33 cases in 27 patients) and traumatic (18 cases in 16(More)
1. Antiarrhythmic activity in anesthetized rats was assessed for eight antiarrhythmic drugs by determining the dose which increases the arrhythmic dose of aconitine by 50% (i.e. from 25.4 up to 38.1 μg/kg). According to their anti-aconitine ED50 the antiarrhythmics revealed the following decreasing order of potency: ajmaline > propranolol > sparteine >(More)
PURPOSE OF REVIEW To evaluate the optimal treatment of early laryngeal cancer and to highlight new developments. RECENT FINDINGS The use of hyperfractionation and acceleration of radiotherapy may result in improved outcomes for patients with respect to cancer cure and preservation of the larynx. Options for surgical treatment include endoscopic resection(More)