Gary B. Lamont

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Solving optimization problems with multiple (often conflicting) objectives is, generally, a very difficult goal. Evolutionary algorithms (EAs) were initially extended and applied during the mid-eighties in an attempt to stochastically solve problems of this generic class. During the past decade, a variety, of multiobjective EA (MOEA) techniques have been(More)
With increased global interconnectivity, reliance on e-commerce, network services, and Internet communication, computer security has become a necessity. Organizations must protect their systems from intrusion and computer-virus attacks. Such protection must detect anomalous patterns by exploiting known signatures while monitoring normal computer programs(More)
We present a new multiobjective evolutionary algorithm (MOEA), called fast Pareto genetic algorithm (FastPGA). FastPGA uses a new fitness assignment and ranking strategy for the simultaneous optimization of multiple objectives where each solution evaluation is computationallyand/or financially-expensive. This is often the case when there are time or(More)