Gary Atkinson

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Smart Grid applications are imposing challenging requirements of security and reliability on the N -way communication infrastructure being designed to support multiple grid applications. These challenges stem from the increasing incorporation of distributed renewable energy sources on to the grid, the rising deployment of electric vehicles, and active(More)
The advent of new Smart Grid applications such as electric vehicles and renewable energy sources are imposing challenging requirements on the stability and operation of the grid. This challenge is critical in the areas of supply-demand balance and power quality assurance. To address this challenge, phasor measurement units (PMUs) are being deployed to(More)
We evaluate the energy efficiency of dynamic optical bypass for decentralized content delivery networks (CDNs). We build energy models based on the energy consumption of current network equipment and devices and analyze the energy tradeoff among key networking resources. Our results show that, due to the under-utilization associated with signaling and(More)
Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) technology is low cost, rugged, lightweight, extremely low power and can be used to develop passive wireless sensors. For these reasons, NASA is investigating the use of SAW technology for Integrated Vehicle Health Monitoring (IVHM) of aerospace structures. To facilitate rapid prototyping of passive SAW sensors for aerospace(More)
We show how it is possible to develop a system to improve management of distribution grid assets using AMI. In particular, we demonstrate how distribution transformers can be monitored and therefore, managed, even when there are no direct communication channels between the transformers and the asset management system. As an example, using smart meter(More)
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