Gary Armstrong

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A prior hyperthermic stress (heat shock) can induce thermoprotection of neuromuscular transmission in Locusta migratoria extensor tibiae muscle measured 4 h after the onset of the heat shock. It is not clear what effect an acute hyperthermic stress may have on the nervous system's ability to tolerate thermal stress, that is, before increased expression of(More)
The installation of Closed Circuit Television Cameras (CCTV) on British streets has been the crime prevention initiative of the century. However , little attention has been paid to who and what the cameras actually watch and how operators select their targets. This paper draws on a two-year study in the operation of CCTV control rooms to examine how target(More)
  • Robin Croft, Pearson, Gary Armstrong, Philip Kotler, Michael Harker Formerly, Ross Was A Reader
  • 2012
Ross Brennan is a Reader in Marketing at the University of Hertfordshire. His primary area of research interest is business-to-business marketing. Ross has been associated with the work of the IMP (Industrial Marketing & Purchasing) Group for many years. In addition, Ross has co-authored a number of textbooks, notably Business to Business Marketing (Sage)(More)
This research paper describes key information technology (IT) project management activities in terms of project scope, time, and cost management, namely the triple constraint. The authors contend that the ability to properly manage and execute these activities are the quintessential components that oftentimes drives whether projects succeed or fail. The(More)
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