Gary A. Kildall

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A technique is presented for global analysis of program structure in order to perform compile time optimization of object code generated for expressions. The global expression optimization presented includes constant propagation, common subexpression elimination, elimination of redundant register load operations, and live expression analysis. A general(More)
The general availability of low cost microcomputers has revolutionized digital design and digital applications. Using LSI chip technology, microcomputers are no more than scaled-down central processing units with minicomputer capability, and are treated as component computers at the heart of a digital design. Thus, microcomputers find wide application in(More)
A common approach to the teaching of Programming Languages (course 12, Curriculum 68) has been to teach several languages, each demonstrating a feature deemed significant, such as ALGOL, LISP, SNOBOL, and COBOL [3,7]. The problem that exists with this method is that far too much time is spent learning the details necessary to use the languages, leaving time(More)
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