Gary A. Hoover

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Atlas et al. (1995) show that states with higher per capita senate representation have higher federal spending per capita. With a more recent data sample, more highly disaggregated data, and a different set of political control variables, we are able to confirm the main result of Atlas et al. that per capita senate representation is positively related to(More)
1 The fact that most terrorist attacks are staged in low income countries seems to support the notion that poverty causes terrorism. Certainly, economic theory suggests that it would be easier for a terrorist group to recruit low-income or unemployed individuals since they have a relatively low opportunity cost of time. Moreover, as argued by Crenshaw(More)
This paper estimates income gap ratios and Gini coefficients of poor Americans and combines them with official U.S. government poverty statistics to create a new time series of Sen indices of poverty. The effects of growth and other determinants of aggregate poverty are investigated over the period 1961-1996. The results indicate that economic growth(More)
The La Follette School takes no stand on policy issues; opinions expressed within these papers reflect the views of individual researchers and authors. Abstract In this paper we use state level data on family poverty that covers the period 1980 to 2000 to pursue 2 objectives. Our first objective is to establish a benchmark for the relationship between(More)
Consider a group of isolated or autarkic regions. Within each one a consumption good is allocated in order to maximize regional social welfare. If the regions form a federation, one expects to see greater e±ciency in production at the cost of reduced control within each region over the distribution of consumption. Under what circumstances is this change(More)