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Ssa proteins function in protein translocation into organelles and regulation of the heat shock response (2). Ssb1 and Ssb2 are 99% identical and are associated with translating ribosomes (17); ⌬ssb1 ⌬ssb2 cells are sensitive to cold and to certain translation-inhibiting drugs such as hygromycin B. Reduced numbers of polysomes, previously reported in ⌬ssb1(More)
1. Aquaporins (AQPs) are targets for drug discovery for basic research and medicine. Human diseases involving fluid imbalances and oedema are of major concern and involve tissues in which AQPs are expressed. The range of functional properties of AQPs is continuing to expand steadily with ongoing research in the field. 2. Gating domains in AQPs are molecular(More)
Polistes dominulus is a primitively eusocial paper wasp from Mediterranean Europe that is invasive to North America. In Eastern North America, P. dominulus is in competition with P. fuscatus. One reason for the success of P. dominulus is that their colonies produce more reproductive offspring than P. fuscatus colonies. A partial explanation for this(More)
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