Gary A. Eiceman

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The program responds to the mandate of the Justice System Improvement Act of 1979, which directed NIJ to encourage research and development to improve the criminal justice system and to disseminate the results to Federal, State, and local agencies. The Law Enforcement and Corrections Standards and Testing Program is an applied research effort that(More)
A planar high field asymmetric waveform ion mobility spectrometer (PFAIMS) with a micro-machined drift tube was characterized as a detector for capillary gas chromatography. The performance of the PFAIMS was compared directly to that of a flame ionization detector (FID) for the separation of a ketone mixture from butanone to decanone. Effluent from the(More)
Differential mobility spectrometry (DMS) of nitro-organic explosives and related compounds exhibited the expected product ions of M- or M x NO2- from atmospheric pressure chemical ionization reactions in purified air at 100 degrees C. Peaks in the differential mobility spectra for these ions were confined to a narrow range of compensation voltages between(More)
Neural networks were trained using whole ion mobility spectra from a standardized database of 3137 spectra for 204 chemicals at various concentrations. Performance of the network was measured by the success of classification into ten chemical classes. Eleven stages for evaluation of spectra and of spectral pre-processing were employed and minimums(More)
Adapted from a lengthy manuscript submitted for publication. Abstract Smoke alarms are based commonly upon principles of light deflection by particles or interruption of current flow between a radioactive ion source and a detector by aerosols making response general to source and fuel of combustion. The creation of gaseous vapors will also occur with(More)
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