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The Encyclopedia of Distance Learning four-volume set is a wealth of information for researchers, practitioners, and students interested in topics including the science of distance learning, e-learning systems, distributed learning, and virtual teams. Aside from the hundreds of research papers, the key strength of this comprehensive encyclopedia set is in(More)
In evaluating and understanding administrative practices in higher education in connection with distance learning, it is useful to look at the various attempts recently to construct a best practices model. In response to these concerns about the administration of distance learning programs in higher education, a number of organizations have adopted(More)
1. Welcome Steve Lefevre welcomed our guests to the meeting and reviewed the concerns expressed by the Academic Planning Committee in their planning process. He distributed the current Academic Master Plan and Talking points given to our guests. 2. Conversation with Guests Dr Rush indicated that although the budget has not been released, Channel Islands(More)
Presents empirical data showing the relationship between combat-related posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression and spiritual distress. Uses spiritual injury scale to measure distress; scale measures guilt, anger or resentment, sadness/grief, lack of meaning, feeling God/life has treated one unfairly, religious doubt, and fear of death. Shows high(More)
One-to-one relationships, facilitated through the Internet, is changing how personal and professional mentoring occurs. Despite the pervasiveness of large lecture courses found in colleges, the core of learning at the graduate level and beyond formal education is one-to-one dialogue between a mentor and a learner. The Internet and trends in e-learning have(More)
Product or company names used in this set are for identification purposes only. Inclusion of the names of the products or companies does not indicate a claim of ownership by IGI Global of the trademark or registered trademark. Encyclopedia of distance learning / Patricia Rogers ... [et al.], editors.-2nd ed. p. cm. Includes bibliographical references and(More)
There seems to be a great deal of confusion regarding the profitability of distance learning in higher education today. Some hold the curious opinion that distance learning is both rarely profitable, and the only reason institutions venture into its use. Yet, at the same time, that is the only reason institutions venture into its use. What is the truth(More)