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Large kangaroos are unique among mammals in their ability to uncouple aerobic metabolic energy costs from the speed of locomotion, making hopping an economical gait. During the first half of the ground-contact phase, kinetic energy lost from the body is stored as elastic strain energy, predominantly in the hind limbs. The subsequent recoil returns kinetic(More)
—Regional habitat and fisheries management planning requires estimates of the capacity of watersheds to produce salmonids. To predict the average abundance of smolts of coho salmon Oncorhynchus kisutch produced by streams and rivers, we related estimates of smolt abundance to habitat features derived from maps and discharge records. We assembled a database(More)
A recent EC directive has called for all member states to introduce legislation covering the assessment and restriction of air crew exposure to cosmic radiation. In the UK the Civil Aviation Authority, in conjunction with the Department of the Environment. Transport and the Regions issued guidelines suggesting the use of a predictive code such as CARI for(More)
Neutron area survey instruments are designed to have an approximately isotropic response. In practice, the response cannot be perfectly isotropic for instruments that do not have spherical symmetry, and for all instruments it is modified by the inclusion of batteries, electronics, handles, etc. This affects the ability of the survey instrument to measure(More)
Yellowstone National Park visitor data were obtained from a survey collected for the National Park Service by the Park Studies Unit at the University of Idaho. Travel cost models have been conducted for national parks in the United States; however, this study builds on these studies and investigates how benefits vary by types of visitors who participate in(More)
A digital neutron-γ imaging technique for mixed radiation field is described. The imaging system is based upon an organic liquid scintillator detector, a narrow tungsten collimator, fast digitiser and adjustable equatorial mount. Radioactive sources have been attached to a vertical plane and the digitiser has been used to digitise neutron and γ events. The(More)
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  • Applied radiation and isotopes : including data…
  • 2010
MCNP calculations have been performed to investigate the effects of beam divergence on the response of selected cylindrical neutron area survey meters irradiated by selected neutron sources. By comparing the results to calculations performed using plane-parallel beam irradiations, geometry correction factors have been calculated that can be applied to(More)
Improvements have been made to the Monte Carlo modelling used to calculate the response of the neutron survey instruments most commonly used in the UK, for neutron energies up to 20 MeV. The improved modelling of the devices includes the electronics and battery pack, allowing better calculations of both the energy and angle dependence of response. These(More)
The design construction and characterisation of a simulated realistic neutron workplace field is described. Utilising a low-energy primary source of neutrons based on the 7Li(p,n) reaction, and a heavy water moderator, a broad spectrum is produced with energies extending from thermal to about 1 MeV. The field simulates the type of spectra encountered around(More)