Garth Smith

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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE In an attempt to improve the gait of people with Parkinson disease (PD), researchers have examined the effect of visual cues placed on the floor. These studies typically have used a single session of training with such cues and have not examined the long-term carryover of such training. In the present study, therefore, gait was(More)
Introduction and aims. It is well established that soft tissue sarcomas (STSs) are more effectively treated in a specialist centre. However, delays in time taken for a patient to be referred to a specialist centre may lead to a poorer prognosis. This study aims to identify the length of these delays and where they occur. Patients and methods. Patients with(More)
BACKGROUND Patient registries represent an important method of organizing "real world" patient information for clinical and research purposes. Registries can facilitate clinical trial planning and recruitment and are particularly useful in this regard for uncommon and rare diseases. Neuromuscular diseases (NMDs) are individually rare but in aggregate have a(More)
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