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Central suppression of nitric oxide (NO) production by administering 250 microg of Nitro-superw--subL-Argenine Methyl Ether (L-NAME), an inhibitor of NO synthase, into the 3rd ventricle disrupts both pup retrieval and maternal aggression in postpartum rats. In these studies, the authors examined the ability of varying doses of L-NAME to produce these(More)
In rats, food restriction during lactation extends lactational infertility, an effect that is in part due to attenuated luteinizing hormone (LH) responses to the positive feedback effects of estradiol (E2). In cycling rats, rising endogenous E2 levels not only induce a surge in LH release, but also increase the expression of the immediate early gene Fos in(More)
Food restriction prolongs lactational infertility in rats. Here, we investigated whether an attenuated response to the positive-feedback effects of oestrogen on luteinizing hormone release contributed to this effect. The ability of oestrogen to induce surges in luteinizing hormone in ad libitum fed and food-restricted dams at different times of lactation(More)
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