Garth Oliver

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155 clones of wild cocoa trees (Theobroma cacao L.) in French Guiana, belonging to 16 populations identified by surveyors in two different river basins (three sub-basins), along with four international clones used as controls, were characterized with four floral descriptors: petal ligule width, sepal width, gynoecium length and number of ovules per ovary.(More)
This study aims to (i) determine the effects of incorporating 47 Mg ha−1 acacia green waste biochar on soil physical properties and water relations, and (ii) to explore the different mechanisms by which biochar influences soil porosity. The pore size distribution of the biochar was determined by scanning electron microscope and mercury porosimetry. Soil(More)
A detailed knowledge of Himalayan development is important for our wider understanding of several global processes, ranging from models of plateau uplift to changes in oceanic chemistry and climate. Continental sediments 55 Myr old found in a foreland basin in Pakistan are, by more than 20 Myr, the oldest deposits thought to have been eroded from the(More)
Potential benefits of biochar and compost soil amendments may not be realised in high-input perennial horticultural systems such as an apple orchard. Mechanistic understanding of how biochar affects tree physiology is deficient. We determined the effects of biochar amendment on crop yields, growth and tree physiology of a high-input perennial horticultural(More)
Under the conditions prevailing at Paracou-Combi (French Guiana), 96 local wild cocoa trees belonging to ten populations from the Camopi and Tanpok rivers, and already pre-selected for other agronomic criteria, were characterized for their average fresh bean weight, an important selection criterion. Other traits, such as the average length and width of a(More)
Nutrient leaching from agricultural soils is a worldwide problem that has been implicated in deleterious impacts on the environment. Application of biochar to soil has been proposed as a means to reduce nutrient leaching and improve fertilizer use efficiency. The potential for biochar to reduce nutrient leaching and increase fertilizer use efficiency was(More)
The authors point out for the first time, fixation of the Cirriped Conchoderma virgatum (Spengler, 1790) on an Amphipod Cyamid parasite of a young sperm-whale, Physeter catodon Linnaeus, 1758, stranded on the gulf of Lion coast (Western Mediterranean). Using the scanning electron microscope, they furnish precisions on the morphology and they furnish some(More)