Garth H. Foster

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The question posed in the title could be interpreted as being rhetorical so that its answer would provide a stage to suggest how control flow in user-defined APL functions could be improved. The last thing that APL needs is design by a large committee; there is ample evidence [1] that design by a relatively small group acting by Quaker consensus produces(More)
In current higher level languages arrays are parallelepiped in N dimensions, each dimension having an index range from a lower limit to an upper limit (both must be integers), the increment between valid index values being one. By removing the restriction of limits and increments to be integers or unity, a homogenously addressed sections or(More)
This paper examines the use of Execute in a large collection of functions found in 468 workspaces in 80 libraries of a large APL system complex. The relationship of Execute to coding style and execution efficiency such as in compiling is overviewed. A summary of previous results in static and dynamic frequency counts of the Execute token is given and the(More)
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