Garth Frazier

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Lingual nerve anesthesia, paresthesia, and dysesthesia are possible side effects of third molar extraction. These unwanted complications are frequently disturbing to both the patient and practitioner. The incidence of lingual nerve damage following third molar surgery is more frequent than once thought. Six hundred questionnaires were sent to randomly(More)
A simple growth model is proposed for plant cell aggregates which accounts for leakage of a single intermediate metabolite from the aggregates to the medium. This model predicts a lag phase in the growth curve whose extent is determined by the intermediate metabolite leakage coefficient and its equilibrium distribution coefficient between the medium and the(More)
The medium used for the growth of anthocyanin-accumulating wild carrot (D. carota) suspension cultures contained ammonia as a sole nitrogen source and was buffered with succinate. Ammonia was the first nutrient to be completely utilized. The uptake of carbohydrate, phosphate and succinate continued after ammonia depletion. Biomass accumulation was faster(More)
Microbarometers have conventionally been used to detect infrasound. Pipe arrays, used in conjunction with microbarometers, provide noise reduction by averaging wind noise over a large aperture. In recent years, distributed arrays have been used for the same effect. In addition to reducing wind noise via spatial averaging, these arrays have the ability to(More)
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