Garson H. Tishkoff

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Blood slides of a 70-yr-old woman branes around a central “core.” The with lymphosarcoma cell leukemia ribosomal nature of this structure is showed 10#{176}/o-40#{176}/o notched-split nuevidenced by: (1) similarity of the parcleated lymphocytes. A few round, tides ot ribosomes, (2) the structure’s nucleated lymphocytes contained a connections with(More)
Constriction of inferior vena cava above the diaphragm is used to produce experimental ascites in the dog. This type of experimental ascites drains the body protein reserves, reduces the level of circulating plasma proteins, and in effect is an internal plasmapheresis. As the ascitic fluid is withdrawn and the proteins measured, we observe a production of(More)
Racemic lysine labeled with C(14) in the epsilon carbon position was fed to dogs. The distribution of C(14) in blood and tissue fractions is recorded. In normal dogs sacrificed at 24 hours, approximately one-third of the C(14) was found in the urine, one-third in expired air, and one-third in the body, mostly in protein, predomantly as lysine residues. The(More)
Experimental Conditions By G. H. TISHKOFF, Pit.I)., F. S. R0BScIIEIT-RoBBINs, Pii.D. AND 0. H. WIIIPPLE, M.D. I N THE ABUNDANT LITERATURE related to the red blood cell, one finds relatively few papers dealing with the st-roma residue. Method difficulties are largely responsible. It is certain, however, that the stroma fraction is of the utmost. importance,(More)
1. Nuclei were prepared from frozen rat liver by a modification of the technique of Behrens, and were studied with regard to the content of free amino acids and nucleic acid. 2. Under rigorously controlled conditions, preparations of nuclei are obtained by the Behrens' method which form a gel in the presence of 5 or 10 per cent NaCl or of water plus a small(More)
S TUDIES of the chemical nature of prothrombin have indicated a glycoprotein structure.2 Data obtained on purified bovine prothrombin have shown the reducing sugar content to be approximately 5 per cent, based on a reference standard of galactose and mannose.35 Laki et al.5 reported a value of 6.5 per cent in terms of glucose, and 1.6 to 1.7 per cent(More)