Garry Tucker

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A rapid, 'one-plate' monocyte-activation test is described for detecting endotoxin and non-endotoxin pyrogens in parenteral medicinal products. The one-plate test offers useful gains over conventional 'two-plate' (cell culture plate+ELISA plate) tests in terms of its limit of detection, robustness, speed and cost. The 'one-plate' test is likely to be(More)
[1] The contemporary presence of the Puli Topographic Embayment within the Taiwanese thrust belt provides insight into processes that initiate and maintain a subcritical state in a thin‐skinned compressive wedge. Orogen‐scale analyses of Taiwan have succeeded in describing the processes and interactions that affect overall development of the thrust belt;(More)
A computer program was used to generate "populations" of dimorphic "prey" on the screen of a colour monitor. Different subjects were presented with the prey at seven different frequencies and were asked to use a light pen to remove each prey they detected. They all received the same two types of prey but 70 had them presented against a matching background(More)
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