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One of the most significant failures of the IT profession is the absence of systems to gather, support, and supply information for managing software items. Most IT professionals, if they consider software management, think in terms of version or configuration control license and patch management. Version control systems (VCSs) and software configuration(More)
Enterprise IT and, along with it, IT management have become increasingly complex. Continuous changes in hardware, software, communications, and organizational requirements force continual procedural changes to both business and engineering processes. These changes can be evolutionary because of normal business competition or revolutionary resulting from a(More)
job in analysing the issue and writing it up. The text is readable , interesting and never dull, with loads of examples. Their text is pleasant to read. Any book has two " parents " – the author and the publisher. The author did, as stated, a first-rate job. The publisher seems to have also performed professionally, producing a well-designed text that is(More)
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