Garry S Brody

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This report proposes that reflex sympathetic dystrophy be defined as a pain syndrome in which the pain is accompanied by loss of function and evidence of autonomic dysfunction. In the clinical setting, this diagnosis is usually associated with other anatomic and psychological diagnoses and may be associated with a variety of systemic illnesses and(More)
BACKGROUND The goal of this consensus is to establish an algorithm for the management of patients who develop a late or delayed periprosthetic fluid collection. A work group of practicing plastic surgeons and device industry physicians met periodically by teleconference and discussed issues pertinent to the diagnosis and management of late periprosthetic(More)
The collagen nodule is the structural unit of all hypertrophic scars in keloids. It is never found in the fully mature scars. A study of the fine structure of the nodule might reflect its origin, and, hence, origin of the hypertrophic scar and keloid. Nodules are composed of a marked increase of unidirectional collagen fibrils aligned in a highly stressed(More)
Despite decades of use, the long-term safety of breast implants in women remains a concern. While the incidence of breast cancer among women has increased dramatically in the past decade, the implant-related risk of carcinoma of the breast only recently has received widespread attention. An additional concern is that the presence of the implant may delay(More)
BACKGROUND Primary lymphomas of the breast are very rare (0.2-1.5% of breast malignancies) and the vast majority (95%) are of B-cell origin. Recently, 40 cases of clinically indolent anaplastic large-cell kinase (ALK)-negative, T-cell, anaplastic, non-Hodgkin lymphomas (T-ALCL) have been reported worldwide. METHODS A tumor biopsy specimen from a patient(More)
In what case do you like reading so much? What about the type of the preparing for the twenty first century book? The needs to read? Well, everybody has their own reason why should read some books. Mostly, it will relate to their necessity to get knowledge from the book and want to read just to get entertainment. Novels, story book, and other entertaining(More)
We report a 10-year experience with 123 patients who had the surgical treatment for drooling originally described by Wilkie. All have been followed for at least 1.5 years, and in 86 percent a good or excellent result was obtained. We believe this procedure is indicated for persistent, severe drooling in any patient in whom non-operative methods have failed,(More)
Surgical implantation of breast prostheses for cosmetic purposes has become increasingly popular, and by 1981, it was estimated that three-quarters of a million women had had such an operation. The long-term potential risks, particularly of breast cancer, of such procedures have not been properly investigated. To evaluate the potential breast cancer risk,(More)