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OBJECTIVE To establish the absolute risk of contact lens (CL)-related microbial keratitis, the incidence of vision loss and risk factors for disease. DESIGN A prospective, 12-month, population-based surveillance study. PARTICIPANTS New cases of CL-related microbial keratitis presenting in Australia over a 12-month period were identified through(More)
PURPOSE To characterize refractive error, presbyopia, and spectacle correction among adults aged ≥40 years in Timor-Leste in 2010 and examine the impact of the National Spectacle Program by comparing results to those obtained 5 years earlier. METHODS A population-based, cross-sectional survey sampled 50 clusters of 45 people each. Participants with(More)
We observed that the third leading cause of blindness in the world, age-related macular degeneration (AMD), occurs at a very low documented frequency in a population-based cohort from Timor-Leste. Thus, we determined a complete catalog of the ancestry of the Timorese by analysis of whole exome chip data and haplogroup analysis of SNP genotypes determined by(More)
BACKGROUND To investigate the dietary adequacy of prisoners of Beon Prison, Madang, Papua New Guinea in response to a report of possible nutritional deficiency. METHODS We undertook an observational, cross-sectional study. All 254 male inmates (May 2010) were eligible to answer a validated interview-based questionnaire; to have a comprehensive dietary(More)
PURPOSE To develop and determine the reliability and validity of a vision-specific quality-of-life instrument (TL-VSQOL) designed to assess the impact of distance and near vision impairment in adults living in Timor-Leste. METHODS A vision-specific quality-of-life questionnaire was developed, piloted, and administered to 704 Timorese aged >or=40 years(More)
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