Garry N. L. Peterson

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CONNECTEDNESS 5 The Series publishes analytical studies and research reports in the broad area of Connectedness. This includes cross-economy activities, such as the penetration and use of the Internet and electronic commerce, as well as industries in the Information and Communications Technologies sector, such as telecommunications, broadcasting and(More)
provides an international forum for discussion of a broad range of issues pertaining to death investigation. This year we have much to discuss and a wonderful host city to enjoy. Charlotte is a city where cosmopolitan character meets southern comforts. Our meeting will feature presentations and posters that cover a broad range of topics. There will be(More)
Statistics Canada has measured the use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) for close to 15 years in industry and more recently in households and it has developed a body on knowledge on the effects of the use off these technologies. While ICTs have long been used in manufacturing processes, the use of computers and networks, and a growing(More)
1 m a r c o a. j a n s s e n , t i m o t h y a. k o h l e r , and m a r t e n s c h e f f e r Judging by the variety of explanations proffered in the literature, societies apparently collapse for a variety of reasons. In an influential review, Tainter (1988:39–90) reports that published explanations for the famous collapses of the Classic Maya, the western(More)
Preweanling rats exhibit components of maternal behavior (MB) after brief periods of contact with neonates; the latency of onset of MB rises considerably after weaning. Oxytocin (OXT) stimulates MB in adult rats. The effects of intracisternal (IC) administration of OXT (2 micrograms) on pup-directed and other behaviors in preweanling and postweanling(More)
Historical and contemporary events are known to affect the genetic structure and diversity of species. Thus, in order to design effective conservation management strategies for threatened species, it is important to identify the processes that shaped their genetic patterns. The Striped Legless Lizard, Delma impar, is currently listed as a threatened(More)
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