Garry Jolley-Rogers

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Many interactive human skills are based on real-time error detection and correction. Here we investigate the spectral properties of such skills, focusing on a synchronization task. A simple autoregressive error correction model, based on separate 'motor' and 'cognitive' sources, provides an excellent fit to experimental spectral data. The model can also(More)
Computer analysis of video footage is one option for recording locomotor behavior for a range of neurophysiological and behavioral studies. This technique is reasonably well established and accepted, but its use for some behavioral analyses remains a challenge. For example, filming through water can lead to reflection, and filming nocturnal activity can(More)
MOTIVATION Rich collections of biodiversity information such as spatial distributions, species descriptions and trait data are now synthesized in publicly available online sources such as GBIF. Also phylogenetic knowledge now provides a sound understanding of the origin of organisms and their place in the tree of life. We demonstrate with PhyloJIVE that any(More)
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