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Numerous attempts have been made to use heating of tissue to effect an anastomotic union of severed tissue edges. Improvements in electrocautery and lasers have made experimental tissue anastomosis feasible; but clinical application of tissue welding has involved only limited clinical trials. Using heat to anastomose tissue is fraught with complications.(More)
The axial flux (disc shape) permanent magnet machine is an attractive alternative to radial flux (cylindrical shape) machines in wind turbine applications. The axial flux configuration is amenable to the low-speed, high-torque operation of a direct drive wind energy system. Direct drive wind energy conversion tends to decrease the system size, weight, and(More)
Blood gas analysis an various haematological measurements were studied prospectively in forty patients suffering from lower limb fractures. Hypoxaemia (arterial PO2 of less than 70 mmHg at sea level) was common with a mean value for all patients of 76 mmHg, despite O2 therapy, when indicated. None of the haematological findings was significant except that(More)
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Metatarsus primus varus occurs in feet which have a normal 1--2 intermetatarsal angle. Fifty-two Caucasian females, average age 18 years, were analyzed radiologically for 1--2 and 1--5 intermetatarsal angles and for metatarsophalangeal and first interphalangeal joint angles. Measurement of the 1--5 rather than the 1--2 intermetatarsal angel is a more(More)
ARTHROTOMY of the knee joint for the removal of a torn or degenerate meniscus is a common orthopaedic procedure. Demands on bed occupancy are usually high. Different methods of management have been advocated in the early post operative period ranging from weight bearing and knee bending within twenty four hours after operation ' to ten days bed rest in(More)
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