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The design and synthesis of a novel series of potent gamma secretase modulators is described. Exploration of various spacer groups between the triazole ring and the aromatic appendix in 2 has led to anilinotriazole 28, which combined high in vitro and in vivo potency with an acceptable drug-like profile.
Four patients suffering from cement burns are reported. Lesions consist of sharp-edged necrotic ulcerations, leaving hypertrophic scars after a normal course of six weeks to two months. Patch-tests are constantly negative in all patients. Quick-setting cement, and in particular ready mixed cement, is usually responsible for such lesions. Additional factors(More)
The Pityrosporum ovale (PO) is demonstrated in various percentages of the keratotic lesions of the seborrheic areas depending upon the techniques. The accumulation of horny material most probably enhances the multiplication of the yeast and makes its demonstration easier. The PAS technique prevails upon the mycological ones (77 p. 100 versus 50-65 p. 100).(More)
The design and the synthesis of several chemical subclasses of imidazole containing γ-secretase modulators (GSMs) is described. Conformational restriction of pyridone 4 into bicyclic pyridone isosteres has led to compounds with high in vitro and in vivo potency. This has resulted in the identification of benzimidazole 44a as a GSM with low nanomolar potency(More)
Hyperkeratotic scabies and onychomycosis were associated in an immunosuppressed patient. Onychomycosis healed spontaneously after treatment of scabies. A possible interrelationship between Sarcoptes scabiei infestation of the hyponychium and dermatophytes infestation of the nail plate could be responsible for this peculiar evolution.
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