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In this paper an innovative procedure for the localization and reconstruction of objects composed of elementary shapes is described. Sparse backscattered multifrequency field data are assumed to be known. The strategy is based on two steps in order to decrease the computational costs and to allow the use of few measurement points (with respect of Number of(More)
—In this paper, a simple and effective method for Through-The-Wall (TTW) life signs detection is introduced and discussed. To this aim, a Continuous Wave (CW) Microwave Transceiver working in X-Band is adopted. The detection procedure is based on the evaluation of correlation function in frequency domain between the measured and model signals. In order to(More)
This paper discusses an experimental integrated wellness application that syncs with a wearable device and with a human capital management database to provide a full picture of health and wellness. Wellness is measured at the individual level as well as at the group level. This application uses domain specific algorithms, which are based on scientific(More)
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