Garrett L. Jones

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A significant challenge in applications of computer animation is the simulation of ropes, cables, and other highly constrained strandlike physical curves. Such scenarios occur frequently, for instance, when a strand wraps around rigid bodies or passes through narrow sheaths. Purely Lagrangian methods designed for less constrained applications such as hair(More)
Simulating viscoelastic solids undergoing large, nonlinear deformations in close contact is challenging. In addition to inter-object contact, methods relying on Lagrangian discretizations must handle degenerate cases by explicitly remeshing or resampling the object. Eulerian methods, which discretize space itself, provide an interesting alternative due to(More)
ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS First and foremost, I cannot thank my wife, Cara, enough for standing by my side through this long and arduous journey. I couldn't have done this without you and your support. Thanks to my family, extended and immediate, for doing everything you have done for me. Thanks to all the Iowa students who I went through this process with and made(More)
Executive Summary How many individuals hired through projects funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) kept their job after the stimulus funds were fully spent? The primary goal of this paper is to examine the long-­‐term effects of stimulus spending on the labor market, specifically to determine the duration of employment that resulted(More)
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